Tech Companies


I am currently on the cloud network engineering team at Netflix. I’ve worked on a variety of projects, including:


I formerly was on the network control and optimization team at Fastly. The bulk of my work involved various components of autopilot, an automated egress traffic engineering system written in Go.


I’ve worked on a few different teams and projects (the majority of which are written in Go) at DigitalOcean.

Personal Projects


Along with my one of my former DigitalOcean and current Netvfy colleague, I’ve started a blog on fun networking finds called Packet Stories.


I started taking photos with a used Sony A5100 mirrorless in 2018 and finally decided to create a portfolio and start blogging here.


Around the time I got into photography, I also started to climb - first more casually and then a few years after the pandemic, in a more intentional way. I started this blog snehaclimbs to talk about my process of climbing, training, and the random gear I love.

Startups, Open-Source, and More


For the last few years, I having been working with friends on the long-standing Netvfy project, a VPN product aiming to help individuals, small and medium-sized businesses in the IoT space. Netvfy gives me the opportunity to work on all areas of the network product stack - from the lower level switches and controllers to the user-facing web applications.


Prior to the the 2020 election cycle, I joined an organization known as Uptime2020 as a consultant. Over the course of a few months, I was embedded with various progressive tech organizations to improve software observability, security, and reliability.


In 2016, I was a member of the Tow-Kight Entrepreneurial Journalism Fellowship. I worked on and presented Fibbit, a veterinary search and health tool for pets, with pricing information for various vaccines, exams, and procedures. I pitched Fibbit at the conclusion of the fellowship. The Fibbit prototype was a simple Node.js application leveraging mapbox.js.


From 2015 to 2016, I worked on Perooz, a journalism tool consisting of a website and an annotation tool for news websites. My cofounder and I pitched at various events and to several accelerators but ultimately elected to stop working on the project and release it. The various repos can be found here and here. I even wrote a postmortem of sorts on it.

Fun Projects

Who amongst us hasn’t purchased a domain or ten on a whim? Though it has been many a moon since I’ve written full stack code, I’m joining a friend in creating a series for fun whimsy websites in 2023. Exciting links to follow.


Trollbusters - Cracking the Code 2015

Buddy the Beagle - TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

Perooz - NY’ Times Hack Day 2014